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NARAYANA EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS are one of the best education providers in India from the pre-primary to professional post graduation. For the past 40 years, Narayana has been transforming every day to help our students keep pace with changing times and growing challenges. We are delighted to keep our identity intact and walk forward with spirit of change. We aim to instill pride among our students both past and present. The students are torch-bearers of our legacy, we provide secure learning environment, take care of students to make them responsible individuals through a well-rounded approach and instill bold attitude in every student to face the world and reach new heights in their chosen career/profession.

Gudur popularly known as Capital of Mica, Gudur's economy depends on mica, lemons, Muscovite, quartz, feldspar, vermiculite and aquaculture. Gudur is surrounded by balayapalle, sydapuram, manubolu, chillakuru and oZili mandals. Narayana group noticed the necessity and importance of professional college for the ever growing requirements of industries, hence established; Narayana Engineering College at Gudur in 2001.

Latest News

  • Dept of Physical Education organized "Khelo Champions 2022" from 09.5.22 to 12.5.22 at NECG PlayGrounds.
  • Dept of MCA organized Alumni talk about "IT Current & Future trends" on 30.04.22.
  • ECE Dept organized a Seminar about " Coding skills and career opportunities" on 27.04.22.
  • ECE Dept organized an Awareness programme about GATE on 27.04.22 for ECE & EEE students.
  • CE Dept organized Earth Day on 22.04.22 in association with CEA.
  • CSE Dept organized Goals and objectives for career exploration on 12.4.22.
  • Women's forum of NECG Organized a "National Level Fem Fest-Femina slosh-2022" exclusively for girls on 09.04.22.
  • Dept of Physical Education organized Narayana professionals colleges "ATHLETIC MEET 2K22" from 07.04.22 to 08.04.22 at Narayana Engineering College Gudur Play Grounds.
  • Dept of Physical Education organized Freshers Sports club meet 2K22 from 21.3.22 to 25.3.22 at NECG Play Grounds.
  • NECG organized International Women's day on 8.03.22.
  • EEE Dept organized National Safety Day on 04.03.22 in association with Fire Department.
  • Dept of Physical Education organizing Chess competition from 07.3.22 to 10.3.22 at NECG Play Grounds.
  • Dept of Physical Education organizing Badminton competition from 21.2.22 to 28.2.22 at NECG Play Grounds.
  • CSE Dept organized Online expert talk on "Object oriented principles & Practices", on 26.2.22.
  • ME Organized FDP on additive manufacturing systems from 21.2.22 to 25.2.22.
  • CSE Dept organized a one week online faculty development program on Advanced Algorithms and Applications in AI&ML From 14 th to 19 th Feb 2022.
  • Dept of ECE organized a Guest lecture on "Digital Logic Design" From 08.02.22 to 12.02.22
  • Dept of CSE organized an Guest lecture "Java and its Applications" on 09.02.22
  • Dept of ME organized an Value added course on "CATIA V5" from 01.02.22 to 03.02.22
  • MCA Dept Organized a Guest Lecture on "Advanced Digital Forensic Tools" from 27.01.22 to 28.01.22 in Association with Tech Minds
  • NECG Womens Forum organized a National Girl Child Day on 24 th jan 22.
  • MCA Dept Organized a one day National webinar on "Introduction to Cloud Computing with Azure" under Career Guidance Cell. 22.01.2022
  • Narayana Engineering college - Gudur Organized a National Level online Poster Making Competition on 21.01.22
  • Narayana Engineering college - Gudur Organized an Expert Talk about NIRF on 10.01.22.
  • Narayana Engineering college - Gudur organized an Awareness programme "Anti Ragging Laws" on 08 th Jan 22.
  • Dept of CSE organized an online workshop on Deep Learning GAN model and its use cases on 29.12.21.
  • CSE Dept organized an Awareness program workshop on Python and its applications in the real world on 23.12.21.
  • CSE Dept organized an Awareness workshop on an online practicing platform for e-learning in association with Code Tantra Hyderabad on 21.12.21
  • CSE Dept organized a Group Discussion on 14.12.21 under coders club.
  • CSE Dept organized a value added course on Aws-Cloud Computing from 16.12.21 to 18.12.21 in association with SECNET Technologies.
  • CSE Dept organized a value added course on internet of things(IoT) from 08.12.21 to 10.12.21 in association with sphere soft solutions.

Notifications & Events

  • ME Dept organized "Dr B.R.Ambedkar jayanti ", on 14.4.22.
  • National Science Day 28.02.2022
  • Dept of MCA organized an "just a Minute competition" on the occasion of World cancer Day on 04.02.22
  • Narayana Engineering college - Gudur Womens Forum organized a National Level FemFest on 22 th jan 22.
  • Narayana Engineering college - Gudur Hobby Clubs Organized a National Youth Day on 12.01.22
  • C4 "Creative Crafts & Cultural Celebrations" for 1st years. under Hobby Clubs
  • CSE Dept organized a Guest Lecture on Android Application Developement from 16.12.21 to 17.12.21 in association with LOTUS Technologies.
  • CSE Dept organized code space on 15.12.21 under coders club.
  • CSE Dept organized a value added course on Aws-Cloud Computing from 13.12.21 to 15.12.21 in association with Beezas IT Solutions PVT Limited.
  • VAW-2021, E-Pledge, Independent India @75: self reliance with integrity
  • Awareness programme on "Hazards of Tobacco" as part of NTCP for effective implementation of TOFEI - 28/10/2021
  • IEEECS student technical chapter(SBC99972B) organized a National level virtual workshop.
  • Dept of MBA in association with 'National Stock Exchange of INdia Ltd' organized an interactive webinar on "Securities Market" on 30/09/2021.
  • "Business Analytics" by MBA Dept -22/09/2021
  • Virtual MoU signing by NECG with 'IP Ever LLP' 20th 09 2021
  • NECG Gudur organized World First Aid Day on 14th Sep 2021.
  • Center for Extension Activities (CEA) and counseling cell of NECG organizing an awareness program on "Mental Health" in view of 'World suicide prevention day 2021'.
  • Public speaking Competition' on the occasion of "National Women's Equality Day 2021" by Women's Forum of NECG
  • Chitra Hobby Club organizing "Make it Snappy" contest on the occasion of World Photography Day 2021.
  • Project Expo 2K21 - 22/07/2021
  • Career Guidance Cell -awareness programme on "Career path as AI & ML Engineer" on 2nd August, 2021.
  • Abhinaya Hobby Club organizing "Skit and drama script writing competition" - 14th August, 2021.
  • Free COVID19 vaccination for 18-44 years age group is starting from 21 June 2021, a Govt of India initiative.
  • On the occasion of the Indian Noble laureate Rabindranath Tagore's birth anniversary, on 07th, May 2021, we are glad to invite I B.Tech, I MBA and I MCA Students to participate Online QUIZ on "English Grammar and Usage"
  • Career guidance program on current trending tools and emerging opportunities for engineering graduates in industry on 28-12-2020
  • Literary Club organizing ESSAY WRITING COMPETITION on the occasion of "international youth day 2020, 12 Aug 2020
  • EEE department WEBINAR SERIES from 8th to 13th June, 2020.
  • World Cancer Day Feb-4-2020
  • "Art for a cause" - Theme: Save Water, organized by Varna club under Hobby Clubs. 01/02/2020
  • Musical Festival
  • Fairs Festival (F2) - 2019
  • Intra College Hobbies Competition-30-OCT-2019.

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